Low-Temp. Die Attach Paste
  • Low-Temp. Die Attach Paste

  • Low-Temp. Die Attach Electrical/Thermal Conductivity Ag Paste The high electrical& thermal conductivity as well as the chemical stability under room temperature of Ag makes the Ag paste indispensable in the electronic industry nowadays. GIGASTORAGE’s low-temp. Ag paste has the property of high electrical/thermal conductivity, and with its special resin formula, it demonstrates outstanding adhesive force and can be widely applied to the packaging process for the electronic as well as energy industries.
  • LED Insulation Die Bond Paste

  • GIGASTORAGE’s die bond paste is developed exclusively for LED. It acts as a media of superior adhesive force to connect chips and lead frames. As the paste has excellent light & heat stability, it enables the LED to light up for a long duration and to survive certain harsh environment such as high temperature or high humidity.
  • Insulation Paste for Chip Resistors

  • Single-liquid & thermosettingtype of epoxy resin ink suitable for screen printing.Applicable to serve as insulation for chip resistors. Features include superior adhesive force, high degree of hardness, acid & alkali resistance, good insulation and etc.