PV System

  • Two public-listing companies guarantee you the best. All the materials are manufactured by GIGASTORAGE’s group companies so as to maintain the best quality. Top-of-the-line aluminum extrusion is used for the structural framework so the system can sustain more than 20 years. Besides, the monitor system helps achieve high-efficiency power generation at all times.
  • Advantages of Applying PV system

  • To activate the estate while contributing to energy saving and carbon reduction

    To reinforce the industrial & corporate image

    To earn the rent revenue from the rooftop

    To earn the rent revenue from power generation

    To lower the temperature in animal houses

  • Construction Procedure

  • With our standard construction SOP, the professional experienced team from GIGASTORAGE designs, constructs and directs the works to ensure your solar energy system can sustain for more than 20 years with our complete after-sales service and can achieve the best power efficiency.