PV Materials
  • Multi-Crystalline Solar Wafer

  • Multi-Crystalline Solar Wafer Multi-crystalline solar wafer is the basic material for manufacturing crystalline silicon PV cells. Of all the PV cells in the world, the market share of crystalline silicon PV cells is about 90%. Ever since the beginning of mass production in 2010, GIGASTORAGE’s annual production capacity has reached 700MW, which is the top 3 wafer manufacturer in Taiwan. Aside from manufacturing the multi-crystalline solar wafer, we also provide its ODM/OEM service.
  • Photovoltaic Ribbons

  • The photovoltaic ribbons provide an important function of electric transmission among the batteries of PV modules. GIGASTORAGE’s photovoltaic ribbons guarantee their several critical functions such as superior electrical conductivity, low-yield strength and high-strength soldering, allowing more conversion efficiency as well as satisfying our customers’ requirement for high yield rate.