GIGASTORAGE CORPORATION is a professional manufacturer of PV wafer and aside from the PV materials we also develop a variety of energy-saving materials. We realize that as our group is expanding itself, we will exert more and more influence on this industrial field and our society.

It has been 18 years since the company establishment, and we insist on keeping good management of our company and concentrate on our main business. We also dedicate ourselves to working on our superiority of “R&D innovation, sincere service, superior quality and leading technology.”

From 2010 we started to manufacture wafer for the PV industry and kept developing high-conversion products for our customers. Despite of the boom-and-bust business fluctuation, we achieve good performance and return the profit to the investors and shareholders to promote the social & economic progress.

GIGASTORAGE will continue to work on innovation in compliance with the PV industry of constant change. After the initiation of professional service, we will inspire ourselves to accelerate technical innovation regarding materials for different industrial fields and therefore build a momentum for the development of the whole company.

We place emphasis on morality and insist on complying with the law. We expect to contribute to our society based on our management philosophy of long-term environmental protection.


Mr. Jimmy Chen