Wage and Labor Welfare

Except for the fixed wage, we will share the profit of the company and our overall wage level is above other competitors. Other welfare includesthe payout of the annual bonus, quarterly bonus and performance bonus based on the personal & divisional performance.

Besides, we set up a welfare committee in accordance with the law and provide subsidies for annual travel, on job training, stock dividend, regular medical checkup, annual meeting outside the company, club activities, subsidies for weddings & funerals, maternal leave & paternity leave, subsidies for book purchase & education and discount in designated shops.

Holiday System

We provide a systematic leave rules based on the labor standards law and employees can take advantage of each kind of leaves flexibly to make sure there is plenty of time for rest after work.


Aside from the labor insurance, national health insurance and monthly payout as pension in accordance with the law, we also provide other insurances such as life insurance, casualty insurance, medical insurance for more protection so that our employees have nothing to worry about during work.

Health Care

We place emphasis on the physical and mental health of every employee and every year there is one free medical checkup. We also have a health care center where the doctor and full-time nurse would take care of each employee’s health and help keep tabs on their health.

Lifelong Learning

We place emphasis on the career learning & development of every employee. We systematically arrange the employee training and also set up a binary-plan promotion system

We plan the educational course based on employees’ job position, specialty, performance and etc. and courses inside/outside the company such as general training, professional training, job training, management training and self-development can help increase their professional skills & knowledge.

The Nanny System

We place emphasis on the development and feelings of newcomers. One veteran employee will be assigned to be the nanny of newcomers and he/she will take care of them and provide instruction to help them build up friendship with others, reduce pressure and solve any problems in a new environment so as to shorten the time for adaptation, familiarize them with their job and consequently foster the atmosphere of mutual cooperation in the workplace.

Corporate Dormitory

We have corporate dormitory near the company so that newcomers from afar will not have to find a place to live and therefore can focus more on their new job as well as on adapting themselves to the new environment.

Worksite Cafeteria

We have our own worksite cafeteria& convenience store (7-11) and provide subsidies for meals here as well as discount. Every employee can enjoy the nutritious meals and the comfortable dining environment so that they can avoid the inconvenience of dining outand focus more on their job and any challenges.