Ever since the corporate establishment, GIGASTORAGE CORPORATION has held the four spirits of “quality, technology, innovation and service.” Our executive team keeps leading the professional personnel in R&D, financial affairs, management and sales to manufacture products of high quality, and we have been receiving high commendation fromcustomers of such industrial field.We will try to tap into new markets with our core technology in the future and continue to spare no effort in research & innovation of the most competitive products so as to be on the top in the material field and to develop a global & diversified management strategy.



Superior Quality

With ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications obtained, we guarantee the best of the product quality. We provide courses such as TQM, SPC, Reliability Engineering and etc. on a regular basis and the staff concerned must attend some within a time frame. We keep doing self-check and check on every step for the quality with a severe SOP regarding any components used here and any products to be delivered to our customers. We would make sure the product to be delivered is in accordance with a series of quality assurance standards by measuring the equipment and performing calibration periodically in order to ensure the product conforms to the specifications. By doing these we can minimize the customer complaints about the quality issue and also deliver the product of superior quality to each of our customers with conscience as well as confidence.

Leading Technology

The high-precision manufacturing equipment and the highly automatic facility: each manufacturing point is installed with the on-line automatic detecting and feedback system to maintain stable manufacturing. As for the different equipments, our well-trained operators can adjust them and even calibrate them to suit any certain manufacturing process. In order to satisfy the highly-effective product requirement, we have developed some new manufacturing technology one after another and applied what we learned to the actual production line via a complete training so as to acquire the technology which leads the industrial field.


R&D Innovation

Our professional R&D team along with the marketing & sales of foresight knows well about any change in the market and the needs. Our R&D team keeps conducting experiments for innovation to raise the overall effect, simulating each product property based on manufacturing process needs of the customers and constantly providing new products for them. Our company invests lots of manpower & expenses in R&D and takes advantage of our core technology to develop the related technology for energy-saving materials such as solar energy, LED, biotech, T/P, passive components and etc. Besides, we also have a good & close relationship with the research institutions to inspire our R&D team for further innovation.


Sincere Service

We place emphasis on product quality and the responses from our customers are the best feedback for us. We have professional sales, quality-assurance staff, customer service staff to prove omnidirectional service and consulting for our customers. We always deal with the inquiries timely and try to get to the bottom of a problem and solve it for our customers. In addition, by dividing the sales areas, we can serve each customer from the nearest service center as well as develop any specific products under strategy with customers, make strategic sales plans of certain product combination, provide technical consulting and quality service in order to strengthen our competitiveness in the market.