(stock symbol:2046) was established in Mar. 1997. With the major members of our technical team led by our former chairman Dr. Jerry Chencoming from the material dept. of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, we own the core technology of Inorganic Materials, Organic Materials, Electro-Optical Engineering, Coating Technology and Process Technology. Along with our exceptional executive team formed by a group of professional staff in the finance, management, marketing & sales divisions, our company is able to strive for perfection regarding corporate operation.

GIGASTORAGE became a public listing company as tech-sector stock in Apr. 2000. Our company was subsidized by Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs for the “Development Project of High-Density WORM DVD-R disk,” and set up a plant in Thailand at the same time as an overseas manufacturing location.


In 2006 we applied for another technical project to Industrial Development Bureau and started to develop photovoltaic paste.

In 2007 we started for mass production and sales of photovoltaic Al paste. We were subsidized by Industrial Development Bureau for the development of photovoltaic Ag paste and set up the Photovoltaic Div.

In 2008 the Photovoltaic Paste Div. became a stand-alone corporate known as GIGA SOLAR MATERIALS CORP. (stock symbol:3691), which is currently the top 3 manufacturer of photovoltaic conductive paste in the world.

In 2010 our company set up the Photovoltaic Wafer Div. to work mainly on the development of multi-crystalline wafer. Along with the photovoltaic conductive paste from our subsidiary GIGA SOLAR, we provide our customers with high-conversion-efficiency products.

Our R&D team is dedicated to development of new products such as energy-saving low temperature paste and they can be widely applied to LED, biotech, T/P, passive components and etc. as the conductive paste according to their properties. With all of the effortsour company, based on the core technology of materials, organic polymers and chemistry, has been concentrating on the energy-saving materials for a long time. As a material manufacturer, we can catch the information of any market change in this industrial field promptly while trying to fulfill our responsibility as a global citizen and continuingto create self-value as we face different challenges.