The Shining Stage for you in GIGASTORAGE

GIGASTORAGE was established in 1997 and our major members come from the R&D team in the material dept. of Industrial Technology Research Institute. We have long experience in the field of optical storage multimedia, and along with the professional personnel in financial affairs, management and sales we have built up an unrivaled executive team. In 2008 the Photovoltaic Paste Div. became a stand-alone corporate known as GIGA SOLAR MATERIALS CORP. (stock symbol:3691), which specializes in the R&D and sales of PV conductive paste. In 2010 we set up the Photovoltaic Wafer Div. to focus on the development ofPV materials and successfully transited from “optical disk production” to “material-orientation. With our superior R&D and manufacturing technology of chemical materials, we provide customers with high-efficiency & high-quality PV related products as well as service.


GIGASTORAGE builds up its own professional image based on the management philosophy: “quality, technology, innovation, and service.” We firmly believe in our core value and dedicate ourselves to putting it into practice. Based on the idea of sharing the profit with our employees, we provide satisfactory wages under the outstanding operational performance to attract and foster excellent human resources and people who share the same goal with us. Each employee is our precious asset for GIGASTORAGE. Let us work together and advance toward the same goal. This is the shining stage for you in your bright future!

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