PCB/BGA Milling Cutter & Drill Coating
  • High-Efficiency Coated Milling Cutter

  • GIGASTORAGE’s high-precision coated milling cutter comes from the coating technology (AIP) of Industrial Technology Research Institute. With such technology, the cutter’s surface is coated with an extremely hard thin film which helps increase the hardness of tungsten carbide’s surface to 3000~3500HV (originally its hardness is around 2000HV) and reduce the coefficient of friction to min. 0.15umso as to speed up the cutting discharge and minimize the paste residue and consequently it is easy for heat dissipation and difficult to break the cutter.
  • High-Efficiency Coated Drill

  • Regarding coated drills, GIGASTORAGE provides omnidirectional service for Micro Drill, Mini Drill and General Drill. The coating treatment is now applicable for PCB/BGA drilling. According to the test result, the borehole is up to 12,000, which helps reduce the consumption of micro drills to a large extent and consequently drive down the production cost.