, based on the core technology of materials, organic polymers and chemistry, has been concentrating on the materials for many years. With the topnotch professional R&D team, we can handle a variety of materials in a short time, fostering innovation in technology constantly while making pursuit of excellent quality. We insist on our management philosophy of serving our customers with the professionals. From the optical disk products in the early stage to materials nowadays, everything is closely related to our core technology and many items have been adjusted according to the supply & demand of the market; after undergoing so many trials and explorations, we finally transformed all the experiences to profits which enabled the company to achieve steady growth and to keep expanding itself.


After expanding the production capacity and investing more resources in the Photovoltaic Wafer Div., we not only drive down the cost of raw material procurement, build up a sound financial structure but develop the multi / mono-crystalline wafer that is more superior than the one produced by other competitors. Furthermore, most of the consumables used in the manufacturing process are developed by ourselves, making it possible to pare down the production cost of each wafer and to be more competitive in price. In addition, thanks to the fact that Taiwan is the second largest manufacturing location of photovoltaic cells in the world, the whole front/back-end industries have been fully developed. Since the average conversion efficiency is getting better year after year and the average conversion efficiency of our multi-crystalline wafer has been the topnotch in this industrial field, many customers request their suppliers to manufacture their photovoltaic cells by using our high-efficiency wafer. Under this strategic collaboration, our material products have gotten a lot of visibility, which also helps break our own record on the revenue again and again.


The “wafer” and “photovoltaic ribbons” from GIGASTORAGE along with “rear Al”, ” rear Ag” and “front Ag” conductive paste from GIGA SOLAR create the so-called 4 in 1 (wafer, rear AI, rear Ag, front Ag) or 5 in 1 scheme and can be applied to PV modules to save the cost of materials for customers. Besides, as for the solar energy system, we provide the ground type and roof type installation as well as design & planning service and EPC solutions for customers to select. Currently we are working on installing more and more solar power plants at home and abroad mainly including Japan and Southeast Asia. Despite the fact that the photovoltaic cell industry is now supported by the government in most countries, the ultimate goal is to achieve Grid Parity (meaning the cost for solar energy is parallel to the one for traditional energy). In fact the cost to generate solar energy is getting lower and lower as the production technology is mature and the overall conversion efficiency is rising up effectively and therefore large-scale & economic power stations can be developed for easy management. Under the trend for energy saving and carbon reduction, each government displays a firm attitude toward supporting the PV industry and keeps providing subsidies in order to increase the proportion of solar energy among the renewable energy. Thus, the demand for solar energy is expected to increase.


Aside from the PV industry, our company also continues to work on R&D and innovation to build a solid foundation in the material field. We provide other energy-saving materials such as low-temperature die attach paste which can be applied to LED, biotech, T/P, passive components and etc. With the recovery of each industry and more orders we get, it is obvious that the quantity of energy-saving materials required becomes larger and larger day by day. Based on what we have observed and the experiences over decades, we are confident that the new front-end energy-saving material we have been R&Ding can be widely applied to many different industrial fields and consequently contribute more to our society.