Low-Temp. Die Attach Paste
  • LED Insulation Die Bond Paste

  • GIGASTORAGE’s die bond paste is developed exclusively for LED. It acts as a media of superior adhesive force to connect chips and lead frames. As the paste has excellent light & heat stability, it enables the LED to light up for a long duration and to survive certain harsh environment such as high temperature or high humidity.
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Solid crystal adhesive is mainly used for LED chip, there are two white plastic transparent silicone and thermal products.


Product Features

☉ Higher bonding strength

Using a special silicon resin formulations, the silicone than the average common and strong then.

☉ High penetration rate

Insulating transparent plastic has a high transmittance. Not like a general without heat and UV light epoxy resin, Gigastorage solid crystal plastic insulation by heat and UV light of the harsh test.

☉ Featured thermal Filler

White thermal insulation thermal plastic particles having an average particle size (white glue) use of very small, in favor of the package.

☉ High thermal conductivity

Thermal insulation glue (white glue) thermal conductivity of up to 1 W / mK, low thermal resistance, heat dissipation.