The Company's consolidated income statement added that statements of basic earnings per share

No. 1 Date 104/07/14 statements speak 15:55:21
The title of deputy general manager Li Chaoqin spokesman spokesman spokesman telephone 03-5985510
Keynote supplement the Company's consolidated statements of profit and loss account in the basic earnings per share
Comply with the terms of paragraph 49 the fact that the date of 104/07/14
1. Facts occurrence date: 104/07/14
2. Company name: State-seok Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.
3. Relationship with the Company (please enter the Company or its subsidiaries): The company
4. mutual shareholding ratio: NA
5. The media Name: NA
6. Content report: NA
7. occurs reasons:
Consolidated statements of profit and loss account for the basic earnings per share, the company in the past uncovered 98Q3, 99Q2, 99Q3, 99Q4,
100Q1, 100Q2 of basic earnings per share, the Department included minority interest income; now amended to owners' equity attributable to parent company
(Ie excluding minority interest) of the basic earnings per share were 1.68, 1.45, 2.44, 3.29, 0.87, 0.61, please vote
See financiers.
8. response measures: After correcting the re-upload to MOPS
9. Other matters stating: None