2015 world because we and bright

RELEASE DATE:2015-04-12 17:16:01  |  DATE SOURCE:大成報 羅蔚舟
"Insisted that the road to success!" Gigastorage group founded by Dr. 陈继仁 year entrepreneurial spirit, showing off the country's 18th anniversary celebration seok environmental charity road race event on the 11th exhaustive. "The theme of 2015 and the world because of our bright," large national cup solar road race, despite the early morning haze debut in the cold weather, rain, three groups of nearly two thousand runners participating all full of energy, "adhere to" finish , can not help but remember back then Taiwan magnetic recording storage media industry from floppy, hard drive to DVD development process, Dr. Chen Jiren create large country along the way fighting spirit of courage and perseverance, "rain or shine, everything becomes possible!"

Taiwan magnetic recording storage media industry in 1980 and 2000, benefiting Taiwan's booming computer industry IT opportunities, drive computer peripherals industry began to boom in home-made one by one into autonomous; then only soft disc maker Arthur Technology In the Hsinchu Science Park Administration are strategically introduce Chen Ding Shung-yu, Chen Ximeng other famous overseas scholars to return to Taiwan investment in the development hard drives, hard disk sheet, including science and technology, and Joe, Tai Technology and other manufacturers. In 1988, director of ITRI material Otto Lin was promoted president, the institute is fully engaged in the development of magnetic materials, Taiwan magnetic recording storage media industry into the peak of the full development of the hard disk; then in 1990 Ritek and MIRL The co-production of Taiwan's first piece of CD, Taiwan recorded immediately leap disc storage media industry development areas discs manufacturers seem to have sprung a home set up, one of which is the driving force behind Dr. Chen Jiren at the time working in the ITRI material.

Then in the midst of foreign monks chanting of overseas scholars to return to Taiwan investment in turmoil, all the way to a doctorate study at National Tsing Hua University, after that ITRI developed 陈继仁 magnetic materials are engaged, the process is the creation of national science and technology master, indeed The external environment has its relatively great challenges, including financial, technical, marketing, etc., in particular, eyeing a global leader in giant Philips patent competition, which can not be made operational challenges is the encyclical. Chen Jiren "hands-on" style, has a long history, he was to break the outside world for people to go out pioneering research work not Naicao, high cost of stereotypes, like, the only act in its emphasis and technology-based business in the same industry can be said to be quite cautious and more conservative. Although Chen Jiren venture Gigastorage this way experienced many storms, painstakingly made him health impairment and premature death. However, its arduous struggle and relentless spirit, it seems that on the 11th of this "rain or shine" Master Cup of Nations solar road race, so that people know Chen Jiren deeply feel the Constructivism large group highlights the spirit of entrepreneurship highlights.

State-seok Group 18 anniversary, with "environmental charity" faith-based, to carry forward the spirit of caring socially vulnerable, while promoting recreational sports, to promote national health, the election in Hsinchu Nanliao scenic fishing port and 17 kilometers of coastline, held First National Solar road race events, attracting nearly 2,000 people come to play. Activities at the scene and shows related solar products, combined with the industry's solar-powered car DIY toys, promoting public awareness of clean energy; environmentally friendly products combined with the Green Technology pure electric car Tesla exhibition and test ride, no emissions, improve air quality, so Roadrunner players can also recognize the future of humanity vehicles; the organizers of the issuance of the commemorative T-shirt, make people self-developed combination S.Café® coffee grounds refined tech environmentally friendly materials, exhibits MIT spirit.

State Public large group spared no effort to do good, has long been committed to helping disadvantaged youth Family Support Center, the country large to enhance the competitiveness of its future, the road race offers free Family Support teen competition, encourage their road race through practice "persist in the end, never give up "spirit, but also set aside special funds donated funds namely Hsinchu Family Support Centre NT $ 208,888 yuan, a symbol of all walks of life as long as there is" love, your Hair Hair "; donor countries Shuo Shi Xiangyu tip Hsinchu County Peak country has 135,988 yuan Subtotal, meaning "meaning good, I made hair" were the implementation of arts education in the school through donations, whereby the children play talent, develop their self-confidence and independent personality.