Corporate Management
Internal Audit

The internal audit in GIGASTORAGE is an independent division under the direct control of board of directors. Except for the report during regular board meetings, the auditor will report to the chairman monthly or as required.
The rules of internal audit specify the internal audit procedure of reviewing the corporate’s work for internal control, and it is obliged to report whether the design and the actual work of such control are appropriate and their effect & efficiency. The range for audit includes all the works inside the corporate and the subsidiaries.
The job for audit is mainly based on the audit plan adopted in the board meetings. Such audit plan is made according to the identifiable risk and additional audit for certain project. The review will be done if necessary. To sum up, the regular audit along with additional audit for certain project provides the executive officers with information about how the internal control is operated so that they can understand more about the existing or potential defects via the audit.
The auditor will review the result of the self- examination in each division; the job includes making sure if any specific work is done, reviewing the documentation to make sure the quality of such work and summarizingall the results of self-examination before reporting to the chairman & board of directors.
Currently there is one full-time auditor in our internal audit division.